All the goodies, that have been donated to our        Workshops and Seminars will be given away after the Workshops at 5:30 in  the Maintenance Hanger              The winners will also be announced at the lower Gazebo          MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN

When you complete a station at the Workshops, or a Seminar ask for a ticket, drop ½ into the RED CAN, keep the other half, the more Workshops and Seminars you attend the better your chances of winning!


Hands on Workshops Adventures will be conducted at The Maintenance Hanger from 9:00 until 5:00 on Saturday September 9th, 2017

This year (2017) We will have 9 different “Stations” Plus a Engine on a 1st Class engine stand that we will be running so you can see “First Hand” how it works,  you can get some “Hands On” experience in the areas you might want to brush up on or learn new skills. You may move between the different “Stations” as you like. We will have “Experts” at each station to get you familiar with:

AN Hardware and Safety Wiring

At this station you will get the basics of why you need to use AN hardware, the differences between AN hardware and “Hardware Store” hardware. How to choose the correct hardware for the application and which fasteners to use to complete the task. After Hardware, you move onto Safety Wiring, where we discuss the Why, Where, and How of Safety Wiring, you get to put your new found knowledge to work and actually secure bolts, fittings, and a oil filter.


There are 2 workshops that are multi hour stops on your Workshop Adventure, they are: Riveting and Fabric Covering.


Riveting Workshop

This Workshop starts at 9:00 am and will finish up around 11:30

The Second Session (if Needed) will be from 12:00 until 3:00

This workshop will get you familiar with drilling, using clecos bucking and squeezing rivets while completing a toolbox kit that you take away and will be handy for future projects.

In this workshop we assemble a tool box kit that is sold by Vans Aircraft. The Toolbox Kit comes with documentation, along with all the parts and rivets needed to complete the toolbox. This training project consists of several pre-punched parts that are riveted together to form the box and lid and a hinge to hold them together.

This training project will give you the chance to try several different styles of riveting, using aluminum parts identical to those that make up a aircraft. The completed toolbox is just the thing for a traveling tool kit or for holding your safety wire supplies, etc. Finished toolbox measures 16″L X 6″W X 4″H. We will provide all tools needed to complete this project.

There is a limit of 10 slots available for this workshop, so sign up early. Vans Aircraft sells the Toolbox Kit for $28.00. You can order the kit directly from Vans Aircraft,  or you can pay us the $30.00 and we will have your kit waiting for you at the workshop. Either way, please send a email to to reserve your slot. If you wish to have us order your kit, please send $28.00 (by Paypal) to Please order by August 26th to allow time for shipping. Minimum age is 18 for this workshop, You are free to have your interested child accompany you for this workshop, but this is not a drop your kid off and have us watch them for 2 1/2 hours. Any questions, contact Eric.

Fabric covering Workshop

This workshop will start at 9:00 and finish up around 4:00

In this fabric covering workshop we teach an overview of how to cover your airplane using hands on practice with very little lecture. We will actually cover a wing surface through to rib lacing.

We will cover:

  • Surface Preparation
  • Installation and securing fabric including use of fabric cements.
  • Shrinking the fabric which also includes proper iron selection and calibration along with precautions necessary to insure proper tautness and application of the first chemical coat and the importance of bonding to the fabric for subsequent coats.
  • We will then attach the fabric to the wing ribs using rib lacing techniques. You become proficient in tying the modified seine knot used for this step, and we’ll talk about other ways to secure the fabric. Upon completion of the rib lacing, the surface is “dressed”, placing all finishing tapes, drain grommets, inspection rings, etc. The surface is then ready to spray. Spraying techniques are discussed along with required coats, etc.
  • Jerry Stadtmiller will be the instructor.
  • Jerry owns and runs BIPE, INC., in Andrews, NC. Jerry has been restoring aircraft since 1960. His specialty is the restoration – top to bottom – of Stearmans and other vintage biplanes such as Waco, Great Lakes, and Cubs to their original, historically accurate configurations. Jerry has performed restoration work for the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington. D.C. In 1995 Jerry was given the prestigious CHARLES TAYLOR AWARD. Jerry has 20 years of teaching experience with the Experimental Aircraft Association, the Stearman Restoration Association, and delivering workshops in his own location. He has trained 8 apprentices to become full fledged restoration craftsmen, many who now have their own businesses and teach.
  • See our web site for more information: www.RESTOREYOURAIRPLANE.COM


                    Oil Filters

Separate the good from the Bad

In this Workshop we look at the process for removing your old filter and the recommended interval for oil (and filter) changes. Selecting the correct filter for your engine, marking it, the correct way to install it, and proper torquing techniques. We then cut it open, remove the media and look for impurities that might indicate further inspection. Oil analysis kits and information from Blackstone Labs are available for your next oil change.


Spark Plugs

The end of the Ignition System

This workshop will explore the different types of spark plugs, which are recommended for your engine. We will show you the proper technique for removing, handling, storing, cleaning, gapping, diagnosing, reinstallation and torquing of your plugs.

We will also discuss the proper way to remove and reinstall the ignition harness on your plugs.

The Oil Filter and Sparkplug sections of our Workshops are Sponsored by Champion Aerospace from Liberty South Carolina. Champion Aerospace has been a long time partner in our Triple Tree Workshops and Their Customer Service Representative will be on hand to conduct the workshops and answer your questions about Champion products.


How an Aircraft Engine Works

Cut-A-Way engine

The Folks at Greenville Tech’s Aviation Maintenance Division are really stepping up to the plate this year to help us with our Workshops. One thing they are bringing is a Cut-A-Way aircraft engine so you can see how the Suck-Squeeze-Bang-Blow really works. They will also be supplying a lot of the hands-on displays and personnel to explain how they work.



Aircraft Tires and Tubes

Michelin Aircraft Tire

Keat Pruszenski, A Expert and former Michelin Customer Service Director for Michelin will explain the in’s and out’s of aircraft tires, tubes and their maintenance. Once again Michelin Aircraft Tire will be supporting Tripple Tree Workshops by donating tires, tubes and other assorted goodies. Michelin has Supported our workshops from the very beginning and we thank them for their dedication to General Aviation and Triple Tree. Michelin is another Aviation Company that call the Upstate of South Carolina home. 



The expert in avionics from Greenville Tec’s Avionics Department will cover, electrical connectors, cannon plugs, connectors, wire routing and securing, as well as wire repair and the difference between automotive, aviation and environmental splices. Volt/Ohm Meter usage will also be covered and real world examples will be available for you to hone your skills in this very important area

 P.F. Flyers will show you the ins and outs of the pitot static system and what goes into a VFR and IFR Certification. P.F Flyers will donate a certificate for a Free VFR Certification in their continuing effort to support Triple Tree and General Aviation. Please tell John, and Ian how much you appreciate their efforts and ask any questions you may have about the pitot static system and VFR/IFR certifications.


Propeller Balancing

Make that Vibration Go Away!

Steve Sennett from Dynavibe will be here to explain propeller balancing, how to recognize when you need it, how to get rid of it and the “Nuts and Bolts” of how the equipment works, we will actually be balancing a propeller “On Site” so you can see “How its Done” and Why its Important to keep your Drive Train balanced for longer Engine and Airframe Life.

About Your Lead Instructor: Eric Barnhill

Eric owns and runs a Aircraft Restoration/Maintenance business in upstate South Carolina, He also runs a Educational Website which helps you the Aircraft Owner/Pilot Understand and Maintain your Aircraft. He has been a Pilot for 25 years, a Skydiver for 41 years, a IA for 12 years and a and a aircraft mechanic/restorer for over 25 years. Eric Has won Best Of Class at Oshkosh, Grand Champion at Lakeland and numerous other awards for his restorations. In 2007 Eric was awarded the Aviation Maintenance Technician of the Year Award for South Carolina from the FAA.

Eric is also a FAA FAASTeam member


The folks at                                                          Greenville Tecs Aviation Maintenance Division              have really stepped up to the plate this year,

Their Director Carl Washburn, has “Gone the Extra Mile” to Help us present a FIRST CLASS Educational Opportunity to all attendees at this years Workshops.

Please tell the instructors how much you appreciate their help and time, they are all Volunteers!          

 Greenville Tec’sAviation Maintenance Program 

Aircraft Spruce has donated all the prop cards and         2 – $25.00 Gift Certificates to be given away at the Maintenance Hanger at 5:30

We at Triple Tree would like to THANK YOU! for supporting our efforts to help YOU,    The Flying Public informed about what You can do to your aircraft and to  “Keep Em Flying”          If you have any questions, you can contact                                                                                                                   Eric Barnhill at: